If you’re looking to build a powerful, flexible and agile physique using just the weight of your own body, then this is the training protocol for you. Method Makia Training is the only workout program that takes your personal level of fitness and gives you the option to choose an optimal program suited to your abilities.

Imagine having a certified personal trainer carefully watching over you during your training, giving you the most effective exercises just for you and encouraging you to incrementally develop strength and mobility you never thought you could posess.

There are numerous exercise programs to choose from, ranging from beginner level to advanced athlete. You also get constant feedback on your progress to ensure you’re on the path to being in the greatest shape of your life.

Method Makia diet app which will give you a evidence-backed nutrition plan, designed to get you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. It’s also a habit-building tool that will help you cement healthy eating habits that will serve you for the rest of your life!

1,400+ Step-By-Step Instructional Videos
Being confused about how to do this or that exercise without anyone to show you can be frustrating. And that’s why we included over 1,400 illustrated videos that teach the details of every movement in each of the programs so everyone can understand.
120 Intense HIIT Exercises
HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) produces the same benefits as other forms of exercise in just a few quick minutes of training. This toughens and conditions your heart, making you torch off fat much faster. The HIIT exercises are stored in the system, which allows you to get a boost of motivation every time you look back on all the progress you’ve made.
100% Optimized For You
Whether you’ve never done a single pushup before or you’ve been training for a while, Method Makia has 11 home training programs tailored to your current level of fitness – helping you reach the peak of your athletic potential.

Basic Programs

Starter Programs

The Starter Program’s are designed with the newcomer to fitness in mind. They aim is to give you a rock-solid foundation of strength and mobility you can easily build upon. This program is composed of low-intensity quick workouts that work your whole body and are done with absolutely no equipment at all. So no more time and equipment excuses

PRO Programs

The Pro Program’s are the natural choice of the dedicated athlete who has already calloused his hands. They features intense explosive movements, a challenging volume of exercise and high adaptability to your level. As a compact package it is best suited for the more seasoned athletes who want to consistently break through plateaus and take it to their absolute limits (without the risk of injury).


Traditional weightlifting programs give you a bulky, rigid, muscle-bound body that obeys form rather than function. And any muscles responsible for raw explosiveness and body mobility are neglected..

With the Method Makia Training program, the end result is a body with the power of a heavyweight boxer and the flexibility of a gymnast. While you execute the various exercises in the programs you fortify small, little-known support muscles rarely used in other types of training.

The best thing is, your newfound functional strength and mobility will enhance every sphere of your life. Method Makia features complete exercise plans for both professional athletes and beginners to working out. The exercises are based on natural human movements and they are a truly safe way to build up and condition your physique.

In fact, you can use Method Makia as a way of rehabilitation to help heal injuries. And this speaks volumes about the safety and adaptability of the programs. All you have to do when on a program is to follow the highly illustrated instructions provided by the system, and soon you’ll be on track to achieve your personal fitness goals – and do it at your own pace and fitness level.


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a form of cardio that features quick high-octane exercises that get your heart pumping and shift your body into a fat-incinerating mode that will carry on even after your workouts. When your heart rate is nearly at your max your calorie-burning rate is greatly sped up, allowing you to shed that extra belly fat much faster

In Method Makia there are 120 different types of HIIT exercises so you can mix and match them with your workouts. Include them right after your home strength workout for maximum effect.
These intense exercises are a fast and effective way for everyone to maintain great physical condition, regardless of their personal goal.

As a part of Method Makia they can be performed anytime, anywhere – whether you’re at home or in a small hotel room. The only piece of equipment you’ll need is the Method Makia app. And only a few minutes per session are needed to break a sweat and reap all the aerobic and anaerobic benefits of HIIT.


The nutrition plan you get with the Makia Method app is based on the ketogenic diet – a diet well-known for its rapid fat-burning properties. With the app comes an intuitive and convenient keto calculator that allows you to calculate your macros to ensure you’re eating the right foods.

The ketogenic diet asks you to entirely cut out carbohydrates out of your diet. This forces your body into using fat to fuel your workouts, which is a far better energy source than carbohydrates.

In fact, the body can only keep about 2000 calories of energy in the form of carbohydrates, but the average human stores up to 40,000 calories of energy in his fat reserves. This is what makes fat the superior source of energy.

After a short adaptation period, you will tap into your internal energy resources. and start blasting those inner fat storages in no time! Carbohydrates aren’t strictly off limits on this program though – you can take a carbohydrate supplement if you like and it won’t hurt your progress.

Special Programs


The Handstand Program endeavors to strengthen the muscles required to perform a straight and stable handstand, or to improve an already successful handstand.


The Push-up Program first aims to teach the proper push-up technique, and from there, expands to more challenging bodyweight push-up exercises. This blend of push-up exercises promotes maximum power by first strengthening your shoulder blades.

Chin-up + Rowing

The Chin-up + Rowing Program increases your chin-up power and rowing abilities. In practice, this training develops a strong V-shaped back. At the advanced level, this program develops your strength so that you can do single-handed pull-ups as well as forward horizontal rowing.


The Front Lever Program will give you strong abs! It’s easy to understand why solid core abdominal muscles form the foundation for all other training.


The Legs Program focuses primarily on the performance of your feet/legs and explosive action. The feet/leg exercises are made up of squat power, squat skill, and hamstring exercises. In addition, the feet/legs program focuses on developing the squatting position and the mobility of the front thighs and hip flexors.

Planche + Rings power

The Planche + Rings Power program teaches you to maximize your shoulder blade support.  These exercises promote progressive shoulder blade strength. As you begin to utilize your stronger shoulder blade muscles, you will take a major step forward in the development exercises.

Human flag + Rings technique

The Human Flag + Ring Technique Program begins by building the foundational skills required for this exercise. Before attempting the actual human flag exercise, the program develops your back and side muscles so that they are sufficiently strong. Moreover, before going on to the ring technique exercises there is a section on strengthening your hand grip.

HIIT exercises

The HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a heart-rate-boosting exercise that will improve your fitness level within just a few minutes of exertion. Your HIIT history is stored in the system so that you can easily track your progress.