Most Advanced Bodyweight Training Program in the World

Over 1400 instructional videos
The program includes over 1400 separate body weight maneuvers and each maneuver includes a instructional video. The wide range of maneuvers ensures development advances, which is based on your workout history and your feedback on the complied maneuvers.
120 HIIT exercises
HIIT (High intensity interval training) is a pulse-boosting exercise that will get you your blood pumping and it will increase your fitness level with short but intense spurts of exercise. To help you follow your development, your personal HIIT history is saved to the program.
100% for You
Each Method Makia training program is unique. It is tailored to your specific fitness level. This way the training is just right for you, so it keeps your interest and keeps you moving forward. The program includes 11 different training programs which focus on various abilities and skills.

User Reviews

    5 star review  Olen tykännyt kovasti. Motivaatio harjoitteluun lisääntynyt ainakin itselläni 100 %. 😀

    thumb Marko Partanen

    I absolutely love what they have done. They start off with a comprehensive assessment. From there they give you exercises that are suited to your level no matter which program you pick. There is a strong emphasis on mobility work and correctives, they even have a shoulder rehab/injury prevention routine. The mobility work isn't just a preset routine at the beginning and at the end of your strength exercises, it is tailored not only to your level but also to what you are doing. They have also developed a way to incorporate rest and lighter routines that is more complex than just "rest 3 days a week" and it is again tailored to your activity. I can't say the word tailored enough in this review to get the point across. Even the HIIT sessions are tailored. The only criticism I will make is that the English translation has some typos here and there and some videos have Finnish titles only. Other than that I recommend this wholeheartedly.

    thumb Elisabetta Bruno

    Easy to use and adjust to your own level. Reasonably priced.

    thumb Jani Törnqvist

    Recently used Gymnastic Bodies which is good but lacks varity and the progressions can become tedious... Moved to Makia (for a very reasonable fee) and found the prescribed training to be more varied and interesting... Also more focuesed leg training which encompasses more than single leg squats and has exercises to work the hams too. All in all very happy with my purchase and can see myself sticking with this one for a while.

    thumb Ed Park