Most Advanced Training Program in the World

Over 1400 instructional videos
The program includes over 1400 separate body weight maneuvers and each maneuver includes a instructional video. The wide range of maneuvers ensures development advances, which is based on your workout history and your feedback on the complied maneuvers.
120 HIIT exercises
HIIT (High intensity interval training) is a pulse-boosting exercise that will get you your blood pumping and it will increase your fitness level with short but intense spurts of exercise. To help you follow your development, your personal HIIT history is saved to the program.
100% for You
Each Method Makia training program is unique. It is tailored to your specific fitness level. This way the training is just right for you, so it keeps your interest and keeps you moving forward. The program includes 11 different training programs which focus on various abilities and skills.

User Reviews

    5 star review  I've done three sessions with method makia. I plan on doing more. I like the program, but there are definitely some improvements to be made. For starters, it's pretty confusing to understand what is going on, where to start, what to do etc. Some parts of the app are in Finnish. That being said - the exercises are challenging, and you can rate HOW challenging and they progress you as needed or make it easier next time. Also, there is a whole nutrition portion they don't even advertise. I don't use it, but I read through the entire intro of it and their advise flipped me into ketosis in about 3 days and I've been happily maintaining for about a week. Overall great value, but it's not very polished.

    thumb Ian Bower

    5 star review  Method MAKIA on ollut minulle juuri oikeanlainen aloitus terveellisempään elämään. Ensin laitoin ruokavalioni kuntoon. Olin ollut liikkumatta noin kolme vuotta kipeän jalan takia ja painoni oli noussut 15 kiloa. Nyt olen saanut ruokavaliolla pois jo 11 kg ja aloittanut kotona treenaamaan Makian ohjatun teeniohjelman mukaan. Ikää minulla on jo yli 50-vuotta ja kroppani on todella tarvinnut kevyestä alkavan treeniohjelman. Nyt olen ollut jo innoissani, koska olen huomannut, että lihasvoima ja notkeus ovat alkaneet palautumaan.

    thumb Anne-Maria Smura

    positive review  Recently used Gymnastic Bodies which is good but lacks varity and the progressions can become tedious... Moved to Makia (for a very reasonable fee) and found the prescribed training to be more varied and interesting... Also more focuesed leg training which encompasses more than single leg squats and has exercises to work the hams too. All in all very happy with my purchase and can see myself sticking with this one for a while.

    thumb Ed Park

    5 star review  So far I have only used the Starter program. But only by training that 2-3 times a week I have made good progress with core strength, mobility and just enjoy challenging myself with new movement patterns.

    thumb Timo Kervinen