Every Method Makia workout session is unique because it is always tailored to your current level of fitness. With a focus on your personal attributes and skills, the Method Makia system includes 11 home training programs to unlock your full athletic potential.

Over 1,400 instructional videos
The system includes over 1,400 different bodyweight movements, each of them includes an illustrative instruction video. The wide range of products ensures step-by-step development by tracking your workout history and providing you with feedback based on accumulated exercises.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a heart-rate boosting exercise that will improve your fitness level in just a few minutes of training. Your HIIT history is stored in the system so that you can easily keep track of your progress.


Method Makia training is a system that leads to an incredibly functional and powerful body. When following the program, you can train your body in as many ways possible, which means developing both your strength and mobility. This will result in unprecedented body control.

While training your body in a versatile manner with the Makia Method system, you can also activate small support muscles that are rarely used, for example, in the traditional gym training. Makia Method training ensures an optimal program for every participant regardless of their current levels of fitness and personal goals.

At the same time, the Makia Method offers the ultimate exercise plans for both professional athletes as well as beginners. As a truly safe way to practice, the Method Makia training can also be used for rehabilitation after injury. The primary aim of the program is to achieve progressive development at your own level of fitness.

The Makia Method makes achieving your personal fitness goals more comfortable. All you have to do is to follow the instructions provided by the system and take the professional and illustrative guided exercise of the day, anywhere and anytime.

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HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training exercises are short, require just a few minutes of circuit training, and increases your heart rate quickly. Be sure to break into a sweat and activate an efficient fat-burning level, this will continue even a day after the exercise.

HIIT workouts will help you to reach the highest aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels both efficiently and rapidly. You can also complete HIIT after strength exercises to complete your workout routine at home. The Method Makia system contains 120 different types of HIIT moves.

You can choose the exercise difficulty level according to your fitness level and equipment available (e.g., kettlebell, pull-up bar) at your disposal. All training sessions are recorded by the system. Thus, you can easily keep track of your workout progress.

HIIT exercises offer a fast and effective way for everyone to stay in good physical condition. A few minutes are enough for one session, and the training can be performed anywhere, even in a hotel room. With the Makia Method app, a workout can always be completed.

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The nutrition plan is based on the LCHF diet, and features an intuitive and convenient macro calculator.

One should not be scared of having a low-carbohydrate diet. While the general acknowledged idea is that carbohydrates are essential for athletes, recent research clearly shows that they are not needed when the body learns to use fat as its energy source.

In fact, fat is a more efficient energy source for an athlete. While the body can only keep about 2000 calories of energy in the form of carbohydrates, the average human fat reserve stores up to 40,000 calories of energy.

After going through the adaptation phase of our nutrition plan, you can activate your internal energy resources, then nothing can stop you!

With this, the diet you are following is not a low calorie diet. An athlete’s daily intake can easily rise above 4,000 calories.

Carbohydrates are not strictly prohibited. If you like, you can also take a carbohydrate supplement. In regards to protein intake, its amounts should be maintained at the right levels to ensure both muscle growth and the burning of fat. The Nutrition Program will also suggest the best timing for growth hormone production.

The diet application also includes weight tracking, body mass index monitoring, and plenty of common sense information about the body’s functionality to educate you and explain why Method Makia Nutrition is so compelling.

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