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What is physical fitness all about?

The human body, like the engine of a machine, works under similar functional principles. None of them yield under favorable conditions without being subjected to processes that allow the necessary adjustments to carry out the activities proposed. When we need to use the car, and it has been parked for a relatively long period of time, your engine needs to be heated and lubricated so that it can reach an efficient operation; Likewise, the human body needs to be conditioned psychically and physiologically so that it can adapt in a general, smooth and progressive way for the realization of later activities.


Physical fitness refers to the innate ability of an individual to perform physical activity by delaying the onset of fatigue and reducing muscle or tissue recovery time once the activity is over. This is achieved by taking a good diet, doing the exercises in a moderate and progressive way, while also practicing good habits in terms of hours of sleep and work . This will result in a good functioning of the organs and the human apparatus

Physical fitness is something that a person develops over time. Any quality can be improved through practice and effort. Each person has a different physical quality for what works best, however, whatever that quality, one must have a good physical fitness, which, among other components, consists of aerobic capacity and flexibility.

Aerobic capacity

Aerobic capacity is the ability of the body to perform long-term physical activities, in addition to being of low or high intensity with an estimated time of three to four minutes.

Aerobic activities do not need a great physical effort, the most important is the duration of each of them. This type of training is mainly responsible for eliminating the accumulated fat of the body. Immediately someone exercises in this way, he/she will notice how the circumferences of the body, especially the abdomen, will begin to reduce.


Flexibility is the ability of muscles to stretch without any form of damage . Flexibility is dependent on the muscular elasticity and joint mobility in the body. However, there are many factors that also help flexibility; these are: genetic inheritance, age (the younger the person, the more elasticity his/her body will be), among others. For physiological reasons, women have greater flexibility than men.

Other important factors are the temperature of the environment and muscle temperature. It is always essential to warm up before doing any type of physical activity and never demand too much muscle use, as this would cause great damage in them, in some cases such damage might even be irreversible.

Other components

In addition to being composed of these two factors, physical fitness also develops from:

  • Muscular endurance: When we talk about muscular endurance, we refer to the ability of the muscles to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance for an extended period of time.
  • Muscular strength: This is the ability of a muscle to produce a certain amount of force against a load to in a single maximum effort.
  • Joint mobility: Joint mobility involves muscles, bone structure, tendons and ligaments. It is necessary that the joints are strengthened through physical activity. If these are not in a good state, you can not train other factors, such as muscular endurance.
  • Speed: In sports, this is defined as the ability to move quickly across the ground or move limbs rapidly to grab or to throw an object.
  • Muscle elongation: It is the most important thing before doing physical activity. Stretching and relaxing the muscles by elongating them prevents injuries and future damage. It is about preparing the body to strengthen it.
  • Anaerobic potential: They are activities of reduced time and with a high level of intensity.
  • Muscular power: Refers to the amount of training and work that is done in a certain amount of time. In other words, the amount of force that can be exerted in as short a time as possible. For athletes, it is very important to have good muscular power training, since with it, they will be able to stand out in certain activities.


Physical fitness will help us in the long term with multiple and great benefits in our health , including the following:

  • It will help us improve cardiovascular resistance, involving the body’s ability to carry oxygen and nutrients to tissues and eliminate waste.
  • There will be an improvement in muscle strength, creating a stronger musculature and increasing strength at a general level.
  • It will bring changes in our body composition, decrease in fat and visceral mass and increase in lean mass. The periodic realization of physical strengthening exercise is a great help to compensate for the loss of muscle mass and strength that as a rule is usually associated with normal aging.
  • It will improve self confidence . A healthy mind and a healthy body provides a great boost to self-confidence.
  • The practice of physical exercise helps to stimulate the body’s immune system.
  • Regular practice of physical fitness activities helps improve health and contributes to the increase of our life expectancy.


Method Makia provides you with unique and proven workout sessions, specifically designed to take your physical fitness to the next level. With a focus on your personal attributes and skills, the Method Makia system introduces you to a variety of home training programs that unlock your full athletic potential, in the shortest possible time.

The training ensures an optimal program that covers every participant regardless of their current levels of fitness and personal goals. Furthermore, the Makia Method offers the ultimate exercise plans for both professional athletes and beginners. It teaches you to train your body in as many ways possible, allowing you to develop both your strength and mobility consequently resulting in an incredibly functional and powerful body, with unprecedented body control.

It doesn’t matter if you’re focused on improving resistance, injury rehabilitation etc, the Method Makia program has got you covered. With it, you have a truly safe way to train and achieve your personal fitness goals more comfortably.

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