What is ketosis?

Ketogenic diet and ketosis have quickly grown to be a worldwide trend. Celebrities like Halle Berry, who is one of the most famous supporters of the ketogenic diet have partly influenced this. The biggest reason for the ketogenic diet is the energy it brings, the ease of it, health benefits and rapid weight loss. Hundreds of thousands of people have learned of it and taken this as their natural diet.

The benefits of ketosis

Ketosis, it is possible to lose weight by eating well and diversely but a lot of people stick in ketosis for other reasons than just for the purpose of losing weight. This is because ketosis has numerous other properties that affect your welfare.

Increased alertness

Many describe the moment they achieve ketosis as “the kick of energy”. The condition truly is something completely different from before. The quality of sleep improves and the need to sleep decreases, daytime naps get eliminated, waking up in the morning gets easier and the post-lunch fatigue disappears. Many say they also notice their thinking getting clearer and that their alertness is maintained for a long time. Tasks, that require a long concentration, feel easier in ketosis.

This new energy is based on a lot of things. A constantly steady blood sugar plays a large role. Another contributing factor is ketone bodies that the body begins to use in ketosis as the new source of energy. Ketosis changes the metabolism and also affects the brain through ketone bodies. The increased proportion of good fats in the diet stimulates the mind. So it’s no wonder that the ketogenic diet is used as a form of treatment to patients with severe concentration disorders, epileptics, and patients with memory disorders along with other things.

Abdominal discomfort gets easier

Many people suffering from heartburn, abdominal swelling, flatulence, and other functional problems tell about the end of abdominal discomfort by using ketosis. When processed foods containing additives as well as many grains and sugars that are not suitable to a lot of people get removed from the diet, abdominal discomfort gets easier. Also, the condition of the mucous membrane improves when the body receives enough good fats. This can partly explain the soothing of intestinal and peritoneal in ketosis.

The change in the abdominal area is often noticed externally only after a couple of days. When raw materials, that accumulate fluid and gas aren’t consumed, the stomach will slim down many centimeters, fast. Even though at the beginning it’s about removing fluid from the body, looser pants and a flatter stomach motivate to continue.

Normalization of hormonal activity

Normalization of hormonal activity

Hormones control our whole body. That is why their trouble-free function is the A to Z of welfare. Many, who follow the ketosis diet, tell about the equalization of hormones and because of that, the skin, hair, and nails are in a better condition. Also a lot of those suffering from acne get rid of their pimples with the help of ketosis. The changed metabolism affects the hormonal function as well as in many other ways.

It is known that low-energy diets easily swing the hormonal function in women, which is usually seen in the first menstrual cycle and symptoms related to it. A diet that has been too tightly pulled starts to affect everything else as well: the skin dries, corners of the mouth crack, hair falls out, nails start to break, immunity weakens… The body is in a state of deficiency.
Method Makia’s diet’s idea is that you don’t have to suffer from a deficiency to lose weight. Therefore, the diet provides an adequate supply of fat and energy, which is prerequisite for healthy and normal hormonal activity. By giving the body a sufficient amount of diverse food by buttering it up with good fats it can be ensured that there’s no deficiency even if weight is lost.
Steady blood sugar also affects the secretion of insulin favorably. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the transfer of energy into the cell and thus to the entire metabolism. With overweight people, insulin production is usually unbalanced and insulin resistance advanced, which complicates weight loss with traditional methods by limiting energy intake. With ketosis, however, the blood sugar steadies when also the insulin resistance begins to facilitate, and weight loss gets easier.

The diet leading to ketosis is particularly recommended to people who have type 2 diabetes or its precursor, as many have gotten their disease to be medicine-free with this diet.

A diverse diet

Everyone who has followed a traditional diet knows, how limited eating on a diet can be. By avoiding all fat and extra energy, you can’t eat much. It feels like the starting point is more about what you can’t eat instead of focusing on what you can eat.

Method Makia’s diet turns this thinking upside down. You can enjoy and calories are not counted. The recipe bank has plenty of delicious recipes, but a lot of people also become inspired to create new ones after getting the hang of the philosophy of the new eating.

More free use of full-fat sour milk products increases the taste and fullness to the plate. Vegetables are used more diversely and innovatively. When the pizza base it made out of cauliflower or eggplant, pasta out of zucchini and meat additive from salad, vegetables are eaten a lot. And that means more vitamins, flavors, and variation – and often also a lighter result.

How ketosis and sport fit together?

How can you do sports without carbs

Method Makia’s diet is ketogenic. A common belief is that sports cannot be done without carbohydrates. However, it’s not true. The truth is that if a low-carbohydrate diet is started and all the carbohydrates are left out and replaced by protein, weight is not lost but you certainly will run out of energy. And this has happened to a lot of people who have tried the low-carbohydrate diet. The experience is genuine and is due to the fact that the nutrient ratios are dangerously wrong.

How can you do sports without carbs?

How can you do sports without carbs

In Method Makia’s diet ketosis (fat-burning mode) can be achieved without a large energy deficit, only by changing the nutrient ratio. Ketosis can be usually achieved within a few days and sports shouldn’t be done during the period of transition. This is how the body changes to burning fat and if harsh sports are done during the transition, it’s followed by total fatigue. When the ketosis is achieved, the body uses fat and energy as its primary source of energy and energy is then almost unlimited. Using fat as a source of energy naturally causes burning of the excess fat and with it comes to weight loss.


At first, the ketosis can be noticed as a refreshed feel. The brain uses ketone bodies as the primary source of energy, and it causes a “kick of energy.” It feels like the concentration and attention is much different from before. It’s not only just a feeling since ketosis improves cognitive performance.

Adaptation of the body

The brain adapts fast to a new source of energy, but the muscles take a little while longer. So that high-intensity training can be started, it can take a week or two. When the adaptation phase is complete, high-intensity training can be started, and the muscles work well. Although at this point the weight has already dropped several kilos and for example running is already so much easier.

If the body has excess fat, in ketosis you can do sports without any carbohydrates as long as you eat and use fats and oils enough.
When your goal is only to weight loss, you don’t have to do sports on a ketogenic diet. The percentage of sports in burning fat is only 10% so daily exercise is enough.

How much is enough food?

When you train hard, enough is A LOT. The application has a counter which makes it easy to get the necessary macros and energy. Let it known that a hard training man’s daily intake is around 4000 kcal/day. This ensures the constant burning of fat as well as maintaining or increasing the muscle mass.

When there’s no more to be lost in the body, carbs will be taken back into the diet to a reasonable extent. Increasing it is entirely at your discretion, and the application has a basic dietary meal bank which is close to the Mediterranean diet. You can be on a ketosis diet constantly; there’s no harm to it.


The application is suitable for any need:

If you only want to lose weight, it can be achieved.
If you want the best training in the best platform on the market, it can be achieved.
If you want the best training in the market as well as lose weight, it can be achieved.

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