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How to develop new fitness habits and follow them?

A lot of people do want to change their lifestyle and start living healthy but do not make any moves to prepare themselves for it. Considering the desired behavior pattern and taking steps towards it are two entirely different things. There is no other way than to admit it. If you are determined to form a fitness habit and stick to it over the long term, today is the day to act.

It all starts with defining your challenges and facing them squarely. While some find it too hard to develop a fitness routine because of the lack of time or other flimsy excuses of that kind, others fail to stay on their path and throw in the towel after a few weeks of making an effort.

Useful tips for starting a fitness routine

Of course, changing a lifestyle is intertwined with slip-ups, especially when it comes to starting a workout routine. It is in our nature to lose that burning enthusiasm or get distracted with time. However, many people somehow manage to stay motivated and focused on who they want to be until they get stupendous achievements. And it’s not just the willpower that helps you move on when you think the game is over. Here’s what does matter when making a habit of working out.


If you have trouble throwing yourself into the workout routine, connect it with some other activity or a time pattern. For instance, when you are about to leave your office at the end of the day, try to imagine your exercise plan. Getting mentally ready for working out is an excellent way of making new behaviors automatic.


Working out with someone else is not only about an opportunity to perform two-person exercises and have fun. The social part of a workout routine also encourages you not to let your friend down. Such a practice provides you with an extra burst of motivation and makes you responsible for sticking to the plan.


Ways to improve your life with Method Makia fitness program
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Remember, exercising is not something that brings results with every training session. In most cases, it is a long-term plan that has to be followed consistently. That is why it’s better to focus on the formation of a fitness habit and reward yourself right after your checkpoint reached. It will help you make behavior changes and enjoy the benefits of a new source of inspiration.

Removing barriers

When you start developing a fitness habit, you are not necessarily supposed to sign up for a gym membership or invest in the latest training equipment. Besides, if it is too complicated for you to lift weights, do a plank, or perform some other exercise, you can remove all that from your routine until you are ready. You’d better off starting small and doing a set of physical activities for beginners.

That is what Method Makia can do for you. It is a system that helps everyone start a healthy lifestyle by developing new fitness habits. With various training programs and up to 1,500 movements included in the app, Method Makia offers the ideal set of exercises for your level. It will guide you through the way of behavior changes and monitor your progress systematically.

All you need is to register and stick to a well-thought-out plan that works for you. Choose the right fitness level and take exercises you are now up to. Get the most out of the Method Makia app – your personal guide to the ideal body!

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