Method Makia was a pivotal addition to Tuomas Simola’s unbeatable workout

“Undefeated” – it is not a modest title for a young man. However, it suits Tuomas Simola, who has achieved top positions in Submission Wrestling and BJJ. Simola, who did not start training until 18-years old, explains he understood in two weeks that this was his thing. Thus began a passionate training period, which rapidly progressed to tournament tatamis. – My hunger only grew when I realized how rapidly I was developing and overhauling those who had started training much earlier, he says.

Undefeated. Simola is indeed accustomed to succeed in what he does. But do not misunderstand. This man has not a hint of arrogance. Quite the opposite. He works humbly towards his goals. – I have also had to change my approach to training. Training to the fullest only takes you to a certain point. Only when I realized that the harder you train, the more your body must be tended to, things started to go well, Simola says.

The turning point came two years ago. Simola did well on the mat, but injuries kept coming one after the other. He was accustomed to cope with hard work, an uncompromising attitude and strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s doctrines were well possessed as well:

– I never look at my opponents at the tournament venue. I think that I do not want to see what the number two or number three is doing, but just concentrate on what I am doing myself. Simola explains his rituals positioning himself as a Champ. Simola is at his best at tournaments.
– Many under-achieve in the tournaments in relation to their training. It is quite the opposite for me. I give my everything and exceed myself in tournaments, he describes.
– Instead, style points have never meant anything to me. Only the end result counts.

However, there was a problem as well. An uncompromising attitude and strength acquired by hard work often produced injuries. Injuries again ate up effective workout days.

– But then I got a new body care coach, Tuomas Suikki, who began to carry out a new form of body weight exercises in addition to the actual sports exercises, Method Makia. It was a revolutionary thing.
The Method Makia exercises aiming towards comprehensive body control, midriff strength and increased mobility soon began to produce results.
– For example, body control and static strength in extreme positions have improved significantly. Injuries have decreased as well due to improved mobility and the activation of small, supporting muscles. And if you do get them, rehabilitation is faster. For example, the knee I injured in October has recovered in record time, Simola says.

Method Makia training brought Simola not only concrete results, but an understanding of the comprehensiveness of body control.
– I guess everyone has to learn the hard way in order to understand the meaning of exercises supporting the training, he says.

Simola, shortly graduating as a physical education instructor from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, recommends Method Makia to anyone dreaming of a functioning body, no matter which goals you have.

– Method Makia works excellently as additional training for sport-specific training, but suits an ordinary person as well, he says.
– You can get muscles from the gym, but this trains body strength and control much more comprehensively. And best of all, Method Makia has a training program developed just for you and a personal trainer in the same package. A systematic and properly measured workout, however, is the only way to succeed, whatever the objective.

What if you want to be undefeated, what would be Simola’s advise be? – “Control yourself,” he suggests, and then explains.

– It all starts with control. You practice the physical side in training in such a way that you can trust your body in tournaments. Then it only comes down to mind-control. You have to decide to be undefeated, he says.