Method Makia, The Online Sports and Diet Service Collects Delightful Feedback

Method Makia is an online training and nutrition service that prepares a user-specific, constantly developing bodyweight training program. The service works on all devices. Exercises are made with body weight and in the most demanding programs, they are enough to have a pull-up bar and gymnastic rings. These simple tools make every home a useful gym. The system also includes completely non-instrumental programs, so no tools are needed.

Satisfied users
Our users are very satisfied with the service. The Method Makia package includes training programs as well as dietary programs, so it really provides value for money. After registering, you can download a mobile app and the program runs smoothly on your mobile phone.

A different approach to training and welfare
Typically services offered through the internet require strict dietary adjustments, which combined with physical activities for a certain period. Method Makia is not a sprint for fitness; instead, it often turns into a way of living.

Training programs

The primary aim of the training is not to develop your muscles as fast as you can, but to acquire a powerful and functioning body that can operate in any situation it comes across. Naturally, your body also adjusts and becomes more streamlined as training begins. Once your body has developed to the point that our algorithm begins to give it challenging exercises, the results in terms of muscle development are actually even better than with traditional gym training.

Training begins with exercises that are adjusted to suit the user’s condition, strengthening the connective tissues and joints and allowing them to withstand more load. This makes exercising safe, suitable for all, and on top of that, it is possible to do it all in the comfort of your home.

Different kind of a diet

The system also includes dietary recommendations and plenty of information on how your body handles nutrients. Often just reading through the information induces a change in the composition of the diet.

The diet also includes a somewhat exceptional approach to training. If your aim is to lose weight, physical activities are reduced a lot at the beginning until your body has adjusted to the new level of energy metabolism. Once this reached, it is time to start also heavy physical training, ensuring that you will have plenty of energy for undertaking it.

Losing weight with the dietary program of Method Makia does not, however, require training with the taste of blood in your mouth. The share of physical activities is just 10 %, and if the aim is to lose weight, the diet functions well with just regular daily exercise.

Why are the users satisfied?

The idea behind Method Makia seemed nearly impossible: ”Let us build a service that suits both the beginners and the top athletes, as well as those who wish to lose weight or to develop their muscles.”

Now our members include top athletes as well as users who have lost over 50 kg of their weight and then started training with Method Makia. Our users get much more value for their money than what they expected when they signed up. We have succeeded quite well in our Mission Impossible.

The most important matters cannot be measured in money
The second most important matter can be measured in money, but those that are most important cannot. It is priceless when a person suffering from type 2 diabetes is cured such that they no longer need medicine, or if a person with severe overweight manages to lose weight and finds the motivation for a more physical way of living. Customer feedback indicating how their life has changed our customer service pleased and happy.

So, what’s next?
We have started marketing the English language version and are giving away TOTAL+ package with never-ending access. The offer will be continued one day at a time until all reserved packages have sold. We are not making a separate announcement when the offer ends.

The work for developing the service continues. We develop the program and the app based on customer feedback that we receive from you.


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