Makia Method Training is the workouts system that leads to an incredibly functional and powerful body. Its idea is to use your body in as many ways as possible, which means developing both strength and mobility. The Method Makia Training includes 11 versatile exercise programs for different muscle groups, which adjust to each sportsman’s individual level and current progress, and require no special equipment.

You can start with the basics and build a solid foundation before moving on to more demanding programs. Complete training sessions developed in pace with your advancement are always available to you.

With Method Makia you can train and develop year after year. Training programs lead on to the most demanding bodyweight-based exercises.

All options include:

  • Access to all workouts and exercise programs and all future releases
  • Exercise plans for professional athletes as well as beginners
  • Starting level test
  • Exercise history and training calendar
  • Tailored workouts to your current level of fitness
  • Stream from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • iOS and Android app available
  • Meal plan with detailed information & recipes

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