Method Makia Special Programs


The Core Program will give you strong abs! It’s easy to understand why solid core abdominal muscles form the foundation for all other training.


The Push-up Program first aims to teach the proper push-up technique, and from there, expands to more challenging bodyweight push-up exercises. This blend of push-up exercises promotes maximum power by first strengthening your shoulder blades.


The Legs Program focuses primarily on the performance of your feet/legs and explosive action. The feet/leg exercises are made up of squat power, squat skill, and hamstring exercises. In addition, the feet/legs program focuses on developing the squatting position and the mobility of the front thighs and hip flexors.


The Handstand Program endeavors to strengthen the muscles required to perform a straight and stable handstand, or to improve an already successful handstand.


The Chin-up + Rowing Program increases your chin-up power and rowing abilities. In practice, this training develops a strong V-shaped back. At the advanced level, this program develops your strength so that you can do single-handed pull-ups as well as forward horizontal rowing.


The Planche + Rings Power program teaches you to maximize your shoulder blade support.  These exercises promote progressive shoulder blade strength. As you begin to utilize your stronger shoulder blade muscles, you will take a major step forward in the development exercises.


The Human Flag + Ring Technique Program begins by building the foundational skills required for this exercise. Before attempting the actual human flag exercise, the program develops your back and side muscles so that they are sufficiently strong. Moreover, before going on to the ring technique exercises there is a section on strengthening your hand grip.


The HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a heart-rate-boosting exercise that will improve your fitness level within just a few minutes of exertion. Your HIIT history is stored in the system so that you can easily track your progress.

Method Makia Special Programs

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User Reviews

A great app

A great app! Simple to use. Great progressions. Body feels great whenever I follow the method regularly.

Brendan Walsh

Excellent program!

This program is allowing me to finally work toward gymnastics moves that I’ve always watered to master because the progressions are gradual and reasonable. It also allows for me to fit in workouts between appointments in a very busy schedule because of the pre-hab and HIIT options. I’m finally getter my the capabilities I’ve always wanted Thanks!

Mike Thomas


The workouts are simply great, on your progression level, with tons of mobility, I really love it!

Alexandre Faria

Very awesome method of training 100%…

Very awesome method of training 100% online to archieve gymnastics strength and skills.

Txus Navarro

Great progressive training app

Great progressive training app. Many targets to choose and good progression which follow your muscle growth and moving forward in mobility.

Teemu Alaranta

Best virtual trainer I have experienced

Best virtual trainer I have experienced. Good instructions, versatile tracks to choose from and mobility combined in workouts.

Mikko Reunanen

Absolutely great workouts

Absolutely great workouts! Only minus is there’s sometimes some info that you must search for or try yourself to get the hang of how to use- but thats a very small minus that they clearly are working on.. will be perfection! Very happy customer

Anssi Koskela

Good and diverse workouts

Good and diverse workouts that make training fun. Good videos that help to get the technique right.
It would be nice to get some sort of tips in some moves because some times it’s been difficult to move from one level to the next and it’s not a strength thing but a technique thing.

Olli Alamaki

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As with all training programs, you should get your doctor’s approval before beginning. The author advises everyone to take full responsibility for their safety and know their limits. All forms of exercise and exercise programs pose some inherent risks and all exercises inherit some risks of physical injury. By participating in Method Makia, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself, and discharge Method Makia and its authors from all claims and causes of action that would be related to Method Makia.