Our Starter Progam is a low threshold program offering a comprehensive and meaningful workout. The exercises are not too long, so you can easily find the time to do them. The exercises have been carefully selected to develop the whole body in a versatile manner.  You get exercises that exactly fit your level and by doing them you strengthen your whole body!

$ 58

One-Time Charge. No monthly or annual fees.


Our Pro Program is a natural choice for those who want the most versatile and highest quality exercises. It combines all parts of Method Makia into a compact package. You get the added benefit of exercises that develop explosive strength. Also, the number of exercises per training and their weekly frequency increases according to your potential. Pro software is the best choice for established athletes.

$ 78

One-Time Charge. No monthly or annual fees.


Makia Method Training is a method that leads to an incredibly functional and powerful body. Its idea is to use your body in as many ways as possible, which means developing both strength and mobility. The Total package includes 11 different training programs from beginner to advanced athletes.

You can train and develop year after year. Training programs lead on to the most demanding bodyweight-based exercises.

NOW $ 67