TOTAL | The Ultimate Training Program

79.90 $ / year

Method MAKIA is a guided online training program designed to improve your body strength and mobility. Method MAKIA creates a strong base of strength for the whole body. It is supported by the growth of mobility and coordination. The adaptive training program of Method Makia continuously monitors your work rate and lowers or raises it if necessary.

Method MAKIA exercises are suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender, or training background. Method MAKIA has an astonishing effect on your body’s performance. All exercises are done using your own body weight, and they are based on gymnastics exercises. With the help of just small tools, your home transforms into an effective home gym.

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  • Description

    • Starter exercise programs
    • PRO exercise programs
    • Core exercise program
    • Planche + Rings power exercise program
    • Human flag + Rings technique exercise program
    • Legs exercise program
    • Handstand exercise program
    • Chin-up + Rowing exercise program
    • Push-up exercise program
    • HIIT-exercises
    • Nutrition Plan