PRO – Exercise Programs

45.22 $

PRO package contains 4 programs

  • Starter  no equipment
  • Starter with equipment
  • Pro no equipment
  • Pro with equipment

Great software package for users who want results and a holistic workout for the whole body.

A one-time payment activates the programs for endless use.

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The No Equipment – Pro gives you all of the Method Makia workout sections, without the need for any equipment. In addition to all of the Basic program’s maneuvers, we have also included maneuvers to help develop your explosive power strength. Also to optimize the workout for the active user, the number of maneuvers per workout will increase.

You will quickly see the effects of the training, such as increased mobility and developing more control of your core. These results can be easily seen and felt in your daily life.

The No Equipment Pro program is easy to start. You do not need any equipment for this program either. You can do the maneuvers at home, at the gym, outdoors or even on vacation without having to bring along any equipment.

You can decide how many days a week you would like to workout. For optimal results, we recommend 4 training days each week but you will get obvious result with only 1 or 2 training days per week.

The average Method Makia program user will have these results and other, just after a few weeks:

  • Increase strength level
  • More mobility
  • Overall improved funcationality
  • Learn new maneuvers you have not dared to attempt before
  • Pain in your lower back, for example, is less or is gone all together.



The Equipment Pro program is the natural choice if you want a quality training program that is as diverse as possible. In this program we have combined all of the areas of the Method Makis training in an intensive total program.

For this program you will need a pull-up bar and gymnastic rings. You can attach the rings to the ceiling or onto the pull-up bar. You can find all of the needed equipment here

The Equiment Pro program is best suited to those who have fitness experience.

If you just want to do high quality workouts or if you want to develop as diversely as possible, Equipment Pro works every time!

  • Perfect program for diverse and quality training
  • Fast relief from back and shoulder pain and strengths the body in general
  • Quickly learn bold maneuvers, such as Chin-up, L-sit, Handstand, Back Lever, Human Flag
  • Mobility is increased and you will notice the positive effect it has on overall performance
  • Improve your results in many other sporting fields, such as Crossfit, self defense, combat sports, etc.