Planche | Most Extreme Bodyweight Movement

This exercise is used in Calisthenics and Gymnastics, even if you have seen an Olympic gymnast make the Planche position, it is hard to imagine the real physical strength and balance needed to execute this move.

The body is held in a parallel position to the ground and is supported above the floor with straight arms, you are basically holding yourself up with only your hands while your body is above the floor and horizontal.

There are variations of this move in Breakdancing and Artistic Gymnastics, in gymnastics, they use the straddle and the full plache on the gymnastic rings and on the floor routine, in breakdancing they are commonly known as a “no-legged” or “planche pushup”.

Can anybody make this extreme position?

The planche is really the ultimate exercise and is one of the most brutal and effective ways of building core strength and stability, this position works the chest, shoulders, upper back, lower back, and the glutes. so the more excess weight you are carrying the harder it will be.

But it’s not a problem. Method Makia includes a nutrition plan which will make lose excess weight and give you the toned body you need to achieve this extreme movement.

Practice. Few examples of Method Makia planche progressions

It is such a demanding position for the body, so you have to work up to the full planche by practicing easier variations of the move. There are many different exercises ( wrist, blades, straight arm strength, back, and hamstrings, etc) to practice before you get to the full planche position, all of which will be shown and explained to you. Method Makia builds your personal program to your own abilities which will lead you to the full planche.

1/2 Inch Worm

The wrists will take a lot of pressure to do these moves, so to build the strength in the wrists you will usually start with the planche lean.

Planche lean

Then to the pseudo press and then the tuck planche which allows you to work up to the straddle.

Straddle reps



The benefits of this exercise are not only amazing strength and core stability but it is essentially balance training for the wrists, elbows, and shoulders, studies have shown balance training not only helps accelerate strength it also helps in injury prevention and rehabilitation rates by strengthening the joints.


To get to the full planche position depends on your own desire and determination, how much time you are willing to put into it, some people could take less than six months and others up to two years, but the endgame will be worth it for that ultimate core strength and stability which will set you up for life.

Method Makia

This is why Method Makia training is so amazing, not only does it have a full program, it incorporates all forms of calisthenics (bodyweight exercises) and also HIIT training for the ultimate full body workout.

Each training program is unique and tailored to your own specific fitness levels, it’s your own personal trainer.

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