Method Makia TOTAL offers all the programs and activities at your disposal without monthly payments. When you buy this package you can train and develop for years.
The PRO level programs lead to the most demanding body weight movements. Complete progressions adapting according to your development into iron cross, handstand, refract push-ups, plank, front lever, back lever, human flag, and many more exercises requiring extreme strength and coordination are always at your disposal.

The TOTAL package is suitable for beginners as well due to its comprehensive software offer. You can start with the Basic training program and build a solid foundation before moving on to more demanding programs. The TOTAL package is always available to you without any costs.

Buy once and forget about payments!

The TOTAL is a package really worth its price. Presented below are all the programs it includes.

What you get

The Total package includes all Method Makia training programs

  • No equipment - Basic
  • Equipment- Basic
  • No equipment - Pro
  • Equipment - Pro

Special training programs

  • Handstand
  • Chin-Up + Row
  • Push ups
  • Human Flag + Ring skills
  • Planche + Ring Strength
  • Legs

TOTAL PACKAGE PROGRAMS TOTAL VALUE IS OVER $800 when purchased separately

The instrumental program only requires you to have a pull-up bar and gymnastic rings

    • 120 different HIIT exercises
    • You can select the level of difficulty
    • You can select the instrument levels
    • You get a new exercise every time
    • Timers for exercises
    • Exercise History

Buy once and forget about payments!


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