Pro package is a natural choice for those who want the most versatile and the highest quality of training. It combines all the parts of Method Makia into a compact entity. The pro package is best suited for those already experienced in working out. Whether you only want a high-quality workout or to develop as versatile as possible, Method Makia Pro always works!

Method Makia Training is a unique training method, which provides a tailor-made body weight training program that develops with you.
More than 1,400 illustrative videos and associated instructions allow you to practice with a personal program just when it suits you best.

The starting level test included in the system maps the body strength and mobility in 20 different parts of the body and calculates a suitable training program just for you, which automatically increases in difficulty according to your development and goals. Thus making training effective and motivating. You can manually modify and customize the program any time if you wish.

The PRO package contains two different programs, a non-instrumental as well as instrumental PRO software. The software also includes explosive exercises as well as HIIT exercises.


What you get

A complete program for high-quality and versatile training

  • You will even learn challenging maneuvers quickly, such as the Pull-Up, L-sit, Handstand, Back lever, Human flag...
  • Your mobility improves and you'll find it to be a fundamental change for a better performance
  • It also improves results in other sports, such as Crossfit, martial arts and self-defense sports, etc.

The pro package includes two different programs

  • No equipment– PRO
  • Equipment– PRO

The tools needed for this instrumental program are a pull-up bar and gymnastics rings The rings can be attached to the ceiling or hung from the pull-up bar.

    • 120 different HIIT exercises
    • You can select the level of difficulty
    • You can select the instrument levels
    • You get a new exercise every time
    • Timers for exercises
    • Exercise History

The package includes two months of training time

  • The training period does not continue automatically
  • If you run out of training time, all purchased programs and training levels remain in your profile
  • You can buy more training time in batches. Additional months 7-8 € / month, depending on the length of additional usage period
  • You can also remove the monthly payment entirely by claiming a package for that purpose


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