The Method Makia Training Service Story

The history of Method Makia goes back to 2009. At that time, I was 39 years old and just recovered enough to be able to work again after a four-month conservative treatment for disc prolapse of my cervical vertebrae between the C5-C6.

The treatment included rest, immobilization, and painkillers. It helped the injury to heal. Still, the disc weighed on the nerve and radiated to the hand, making it unusable at times. I refused from a surgery because I did not want my neck to be stiffened with titanium over my vertebrae.

A lack of body care

The disc prolapse came from an innocent whiplash of my head backwards. Afterward in physiotherapy it turned out that the disc prolapse was due to stiffening of the thoracic spine as a result of strength training. For me, it was the Olympic weight lifts and inadequate maintenance of the body due to my own ignorance.

Working with discomfort

The disc prolapse kept bothering me, and the pain took away my night sleep. I knew that exercising was the best medicine, and it was important to stay active, otherwise the injury would remain unchanged or get worse. The problem with the injury was that I could not bend my head or chest backwards. I wondered if there was a way to strengthen and mobilize my upper body in a controlled manner. I had also gained weight significantly due to almost half a year of immobility.

Something new for rehabilitation

Then I acquired gymnastic rings and went on a diet. I found basic instructions on the internet to get started with the gymnastic ring exercises. Positive changes regarding the pain became noticeable immediately. I practiced a lot of hanging and some other exercises using my body weight, which both reinforced and mobilized my chest and shoulders. In a couple of months, the pain was almost completely gone, and it only bothered me when I was doing extreme exercises that I could not even consider doing before.

Basic training provides good results

During my recovery time I was exercising using only my body weight. The exercises were very basic. I discovered that it was very difficult to find good information about body weight training. Time passed and, to my surprise, I also noticed that my muscle mass increased even more than with weight training, and my upper body became very functional compared to what it had been before. My hand movement limits improved and my mid-body support got much better. My shoulder pain, which is a common side-effect of strength training, also disappeared.

Changes in about four months, with basic gymnastic ring exercises and diet.

Hit the gym again

However, I still had a desire to do weight training, so I entered the gym door again. When I returned to the gym I could not believe the results. I was doing nothing for more than half a year, and then I was only practicing with the gymnastic rings for a couple of months. The snatch, clean and jerk went better than before. I could easily lift eight series they way I had been doing it before I was injured! My strength level went up incredibly quickly. At that time, I thought, “such a good thing should be introduced to everyone”.

Further poor body care

I continued body weight training combined with weightlifting and it was a good combination. Then, in the warm-up series for squats, in my deep-seated position, I heard a small crack in my lower back and I felt as if something had broken. Immediately the pain paralyzed me and I got into the hospital for a week. A vertebral arch was fractured in the lower back. A vertebral arch fracture is a relatively common ailment for athletes. After being released from the hospital I could barely walk because of the pain. With the gymnastic rings, I was concentrating on the chest but ignored the lower back.

No sooner said than done!

At that time, in 2010, the actual development of Method Makia began. If I could get the chest and shoulders in shape with basic gymnastic rings training, what would happen if I could develop similar body weight exercises and integrate them holistically into the whole body?

Successful teamwork

I gathered a large number of skilled people with extensive knowledge of different training methods. We combined the best body weight exercises with the best mobilization exercises. We created, tested and changed exercises and progressions. We did it again and again. We removed all poor methods and left only the good ones.

The result of the development work was: METHOD MAKIA – Guided path to the essential strength and flexibility of your body

Made for you

Now the Method Makia is ready and all the necessary knowledge will be introduced to you on a tray. Development progressions have been tested to be functional and safe, and training can be started by anyone, even if you have no sporting background. Correspondingly, athletes get a truly effective training program that raises the intensity levels and mobility, and thus the performance, to a completely new level.

Enjoy great service and excellent results

Method Makia has over 500 exercise combinations (over 1400 tutorials) that are divided into different areas and always lead to more and more difficult movements accomplished with your body weight. The Video Library was deliberately left out of the program, where you could aimlessly navigate different movements. Trying a too demanding movement without adequate basic training is neither useful nor safe.

Don’t forget about proper diet

Method Makia also includes a diet service, which is an additional application seamlessly integrated into the Method Makia app. It was developed and improved along with the training service. After years of development, we can say that it is the most efficient and healthy diet available on the market. When following our meal plans, you will consume a lot of vegetables, suitable amount of protein, lots of natural fats and oils.

In a couple of years, the services have helped people lose many pounds. The diet is great for sport enthusiasts, as there is no need to weigh doses or starve. It causes fat to burn, but it saves or even increases muscle mass during weight loss.

Your trajectory is based on your abilities

“First, you have to learn how to sit, so that you can stand. When you are able to stand, you can learn to walk. When you can walk, you will certainly learn to run. When you can run, you can already jump. ” The difficulty levels follow each other and their inherent order must not be changed. Method Makia ensures that your development curve is appropriate and relevant to your abilities.

Great thanks to everyone

Method Makia has become better than I could have ever imagined. Gratitude to everyone involved in the project, who immediately believed, committed, saw a common goal and provided all their knowledge and skills for the benefit of Method Makia.


The idea that “everyone should get to know such a good thing” is now true.


Good workouts,
Method Makia Developer Team