Method Makia HIIT Challenge

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a system of heart-rate boosting exercises that is accomplished in just a few minutes, while resulting in a very significant improvement of your fitness level. Be sure to break into a sweat and activate the mechanisms of efficient fat-burning, the effect of which will last during the whole day after the workout.

Challenge Instructions
Do all 6 exercises within two-week period. Workout-Rest-Workout… The exercises get tougher with each passing day.

Challenge your buddies too!

DAY 6 – 1H8

50-40-30-20-10 / working against the clock.

Do 50 repetitions of each maneuver in the first round, 40 repetitions in the second round, 30 repetitions in the third round, and so on.
Move onto the next maneuver when you have completed all of the instructed repetitions.

1. Squat
2. Abdominal side crunch

With Method Makia you get instant access to 120 varied HIIT-exercises and training programs. Your training history is stored in the system so you can easily track your progress and create yourself an individual home workout plan.

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