In the program we begin with maneuvers that will teach you the needed skills to perform a straight and steady handstand or, depending on your fitness level, maneuvers that will help you develop your existing skills. In this program we also focus on Press Handstands.

The handstand is a challenging maneuver but with proper training you will achieve it! Once you master it, a whole new range of bodyweight training possibilities is available to you. It also makes many of the power maneuvers much easier to perform due to your ability to control your body. Along with the Handstand and PressHandstand training the program also focuses on developing shoulder and glute mobility.

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Method Makia


Every Makia training session is unique because it is always tailored to your current level of fitness.

Step-by-Step development

The wide range of products ensures a step-by-step development by tracking your workout history and providing you with feedback based on accumulated exercises


The Makia Method offers ultimate exercise plans for professional athletes as well as beginners. As a truly safe way to practice, it can also be used for rehabilitation after injury. The primary aim is progressive development at your own level.

We reveal the secrets of

functional and powerful body

Makia Method training is a system that leads to an incredibly functional and powerful body. When following the program, you can train your body in as many ways as possible, which means developing both strength and mobility. This will result in unprecedented body control.

While training your body in a versatile manner with the Method Makia, you also activate small support muscles that are rarely used, for example, in traditional gym training. Makia Method training ensures an optimal program for everyone regardless of the starting level and goals.

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