Over 1400 instructional videos
The program includes over 1400 separate body weight maneuvers and each maneuver includes a instructional video. The wide range of maneuvers ensures development advances, which is based on your workout history and your feedback on the complied maneuvers.
120 HIIT exercises
HIIT (High intensity interval training) is a pulse-boosting exercise that will get you your blood pumping and it will increase your fitness level with short but intense spurts of exercise. To help you follow your development, your personal HIIT history is saved to the program.
100% for You
Each Method Makia training program is unique. It is tailored to your specific fitness level. This way the training is just right for you, so it keeps your interest and keeps you moving forward. The program includes 11 different training programs which focus on various abilities and skills.




ike the name implies, the Method Makia is an inspiring method that will lead you to an incredibly functional and powerful body. The basic philosophy of the program is the maximum all-around development your body, which will insure improvement in your power and mobility. This will bring about more body control than ever before

Working out with the Makia method program will give you strengthened supportive muscles that you will not get from a traditional gym workout program. This is why so many of combat sport participants, for example, trust the Method Makia program to give them the crucial, maximum power and control.

Training with Method Makia offers intense workouts for those that are already very fit but it offers options for beginners that want to get in shape. It is provides a safe way for those that are recovering from an injury to train. Your training program is designed specifically for you, no matter what your current fitness level or situation, Method Makia gives you an optimal program for you.

Continuous development of your fitness level is crucial in your training. Method Makia makes this easy for you. You only need to follow the instructions that the program gives you and do the maneuvers of the day’s workout, as shown in the instructional videos. Anywhere and any time.

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