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Ketosis – What Is It?

The ketogenic diet and the ketosis itself have quickly become trends all around the world; thanks to many celebrities have publically supported the lifestyle. Halle Berry, for example, is one of the most famous advocates of the ketogenic diet and a follower of a keto diet.

Boom! 💥 #FitnessFriday yawl. Today it’s all about the kettlebell. It’s probably one of the most versatile pieces of equipment and it has become a staple in the fitness world. You can get a total body workout if your let your imagination go. You can swing it, pull it, push it, throw it, curl it, squat with it, walk and run with it and stretch with it….you get the picture! You know the great part about the #kettlebell workout? You don’t actually need a kettlebell to do it. You can grab a hefty-sized water bottle and get the same workout. Per usual, we share a few exercises to get you started, but we also challenge you to create your own kettlebell/water bottle flow and share it with the tag #FitnessFridayHB. You can also find my #keto lunch for the day on my Stories and Fitness Highlight on my profile. Enjoy 💪🏽❤ @koral

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The main reasons for the keto diet being so successful, however, are its simplicity, and the quick weight loss that it enables. Also, a perfect keto diet boosts your energy levels as well and is beneficial to your health in many ways.

Ketosis and Sports – Do They Go Together?

The Method Makia diet, in general, is completely ketogenic. It is widely believed, although erroneously, that you cannot do sports without carbs. This is not true. You can start a perfect keto diet even while remaining physically active. A word of warning though. If you start a low carb diet but only substitute all the carbs with protein, you will not lose any weight, and will for sure feel weary and out of energy. This happens to many people who try a low carb diet. The reason is that the nutrient balance is incorrectly administered in such a diet, even to a dangerous extent.

How Can You Train Without Carbs?

The body reaches a ketogenic state within a few days if you do not consume carbs. In the Method Makia diet, ketosis is reached without a large energy deficit. This means tweaking the proportions of the nutrients in your diet until your body enters a fat burning state. You may not do sports or exercise in any way during the period of transition. This to make sure that your body transitions into a fat burning state in a smooth way. If you exercise during the transition period, you will unnecessarily exhaust yourself. Once you have reached the ketogenic stage, your body will mainly use fat as its source of energy, and there is then almost an unlimited amount of energy available. The excess fat in your body will then burn naturally, and you will lose weight.

Adapting to the Perfect Keto Diet

The first sign of strong ketosis is the refreshed and energetic feeling that you will have. The brain will now mainly use the ketogenic substances as its fuel, and it will give you an extra kick of energy! You will feel much more focused than before and might notice an increase in your attentiveness, as well. This is not only a feeling but also a fact. Ketosis improves the cognitive performance.

What Happens When Your Body Adapts to the Keto Diet

The brain is quick to adapt to the new diet. However, the muscles need a bit longer. You may need to wait for a week or even a fortnight before being able to start training normally again. Once the adaptation period is over, you can start training with high intensity, and your muscles will perform well. At this stage, you will have already lost quite some weight, so cardio training will also feel much lighter than before – You may, for example, be able to run a bit faster, due to sheer weight loss.
As long as your body has excessive fat stored in it, you can very well train in ketosis, without any carbs whatsoever. Please remember to pay attention to your fat and oil intake, however – You will need them to substitute for the carbs.
If your goal is to lose some weight, you do not need to do sports to reach the perfect keto state. Sports and training can only reduce the weight by 10%, while the diet does the rest. Therefore, your daily, normal exercise, such as walking to the supermarket or taking the stairs, will suffice.

How Much Calories Is Enough on a Keto Diet?

When you train hard, enough is A LOT. Our app comes with a macro and energy counter, which helps you to keep proper track of your diet. You may want to keep in mind that a man who trains hard, may need to have a calorie intake of 4,000 calories per day. This enables the sufficient fat burn, as well as the maintenance and the proper growth of muscle mass, as desired.

Carbs – Never Again?

Once you have reached your goal and did not need to lose any weight anymore, you can start eating carbs again – in a moderate amount. It is completely up to you whether you want to add carbs to your diet at this point. Our app offers you a detailed service in regards to adding carbs as well and helps you to choose the right option for you. Our perfect keto diet menu offers you a lot of meal plans and options, closely resembling the Mediterranean diet.

Method Makia Training App & Services

Our training services offer you a complete, individually tailored training program. It includes the perfect keto diet menu, with complete recipes to help you to prepare each dish.
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