The Human Flag program begins to build the skills needed to perform the Human Flag and technical ring maneuvers. The program begins to first work on developing the back and rib muscles that are essential for the Human Flag progression exercises. The program works on the false grip before moving on to actual technical ring maneuvers. The motivational progression maneuver for the technical ring skill is Muscle Up. It is a surprisingly easy maneuver once you figure it out. In addition to the strength maneuvers, the training program focuses on rib mobility, as well as wrist maintenance and mobility.

Method Makia training

Makia Method training is a method that leads to an incredibly functional and powerful body. Its idea is to use your body in as many ways as possible, which means developing both strength and mobility. This will result in unprecedented body control.

By training your body in a versatile manner with the Makia Method, you will also activate small support muscles that you never get access to, for example, with traditional gym training.


Below you can see clips of the Human flag progression exercises.

With the Method Makia developing progressions your workout is dynamic and safe. The progressions will get your results that you have never dreamed are possible. Your personal program is tailored specifically for you, from the over 1400 instruction videos. Your personal program constantly conforms to match your development.

 One-time payment. No monthly or annual fees. iOS and Android app also aviable.