Method Makia HIIT Challenge

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a system of heart-rate boosting exercises that is accomplished in just a few minutes, while resulting in a very significant improvement of your fitness level. Be sure to break into a sweat and activate the mechanisms of efficient fat-burning, the effect of which will last during the whole day after the workout.

Challenge Instructions
Do all 6 exercises within two-week period. Workout-Rest-Workout… The exercises get tougher with each passing day.

Challenge your buddies too!

Day 1 –  1M10
Do 24 repetitions of each move, one round, as fast as you can. Do one round and save your result.

1. Squat * 24
2. Sring jump * 24
3. Split squat * 24 (12/side)
4. Split squat jump* 24 (12/side)
5. Sumo squat * 24