A five-minute break exercise to release muscle tension in the neck and shoulders

…. Eight hours in bed, eight hours in the office chair, business trips – again, in a seated position, leisure – on the couch? Our modern lifestyle is a sure way to problems with muscle tension.

Why is it dangerous? When muscles don’t work enough, blood does not circulate as it should, muscle membranes stick together, tissues stiffen, and you can feel the overall tension. If not taken care of, it may lead to chronic pains in various parts of the body, uneven posture, problems with joints and more.

The best tool you can use to care about your body – is your body itself!

We have created a five-minute exercise set specifically for releasing muscle tension. Repeat the movements as shown in the video, start doing it carefully, with your own comfortable amplitude. You should listen to your body, and only feel the light stretching at your first try. Though, very soon, after several tries, you will notice the improvement in amplitude and actually feel the relief in terms of muscle tension. It is worth your five minutes a day!

P.S. Perform a small test before starting a 5-minute-break exercise. Just bend forward trying to reach the floor with your hands while keeping the legs straight. Can you do it? Check again after the 5 days of doing our 5-minute-break exercise set. It’s pretty amazing, right?

Method Makia training system blends together the strength and mobility exercises, always in an inspiring and interesting way.