Fine-Tuning Your Custom Exercise Program

The starting level test allows our system to develop an individualized program for every user. If the moves are too challenging for you, there is always a way out. When taking advantage of our custom workout app, you can rest assured that power and mobility settings will be perfectly tailored to your needs.

You Are in Command of Your Exercise Program

Our custom workout plan app has built-in functions to make a routine that works for you. The exercise page has settings that enable you to adjust your training session at any time and focus on the growth of a muscle group you want.

How to Fine-Tune My Exercise Level?

With our custom workout plan generator, you are provided with an option to change a difficulty mode in both ways. If a workout is extremely challenging for you, press “This exercise is too difficult.” After this, you will be immediately offered more natural moves to perform. By adjusting your routine gradually, you will enjoy the fully individualized training program as you progress. When the difficulty level is ideal for you, the system will save all your fine-tuning for future development.

Even the Most Challenging Moves Become Easy

When optimizing your routine to a personal fitness level with our custom workout app, you can achieve impressive results faster. Thus, you would be able to perform moves that seemed impossible at first.

Proactive Mobility Building

Method Makia is an optimal way for all athletes to maximize their performance. Our system combines mobilization and power exercises to improve your workout effectiveness considerably. All the moves are prepared to build your strength and mobility proactively.

Method Makia exercises are based on being goal-oriented