“Sinä olet pahin vastustajasi – käytä sitä”

Miksi Method Makia on niin tehokas treenimuoto? Kysyimme sitä Method Makian nimeen vannovilta kamppailu-urheilun huipuilta ja he vastasivat:

Koska siinä käytetään aina raskainta vastusta – omaa kehoa ja mieltä.

It’s in your own hands

“Competing. Winning. Achieving. People ask, how they do it?

It’s in your own hands to reach what you’re capable of.

To really want something, to take a grip of your goals and work for the strength that keeps you going – it’s about challenging every single muscle of your body and deciding that you – only you – are in charge of the direction you’re going. It’s about seeing how extreme you can go when you push your whole body across the line.

It’s said that you are your worst enemy. If that’s true, why not turn that into your strength?  When you are competing with yourself, you win all the time. All the resistance you meet develops into more power.

You may feel naked standing there, bare hands, bare feet, with nothing and no one helping. But in the end there’s nothing else to trust but yourself.

Do the hardest work, choose the toughest resistor, find the strength inside you and learn to use it. That’s how you win. Against yourself, and then against others.

It’s in your own hands.”