The Total package is ideal for beginners or for those looking for demanding training because of its comprehensive training programs. You can start with the basics and build a solid foundation before moving on to more demanding programs.

The Total package is always available to you at no cost. Buy once and then nothing more to pay!

Complete training sessions developed in pace with your advancement are always available to you. When you buy this package you can train and develop year after year. Training programs lead on to the most demanding bodyweight-based exercises.

The Total is a package really worth its price. All the programs it includes are shown below.


Method Makia TOTAL


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These training programs are included in the Method Makia Total package



 Starter training programs

 PRO training programs


No equipment – Starter program helps you to get started with Method Makia training. You get exercises that exactly fit your level and by doing them you strengthen your whole body! You will soon notice the health-promoting effects of training, such as improved mobility and development of your mid-body control. They in turn are immediately manifested in other aspects of life and they improve your performance.


With Equipment – Starter is a low threshold program offering a comprehensive and meaningful workout. The exercises are not too long and so you can easily find the time to do them.The exercises have been carefully selected and they develop the whole body in a versatile manner. The equipment needed for this program are a pull-up bar and gymnastics rings.


Without Equipment – Pro program provides you with all those parts of the Method Makia that do not require equipment. In addition to the Basic program’s exercises, you also get a benefit from exercises developing explosive strength. Also, the number of exercises per training and their weekly spread become optimized.


With Equipment  – Pro program is a natural choice for those who want the most versatile and highest quality selection of exercises. It combines all parts of Method Makia into a compact whole. The equipment needed for this program are a pull-up bar and gymnastics rings.

With Total package you will get also these programs


The handstand program sets out to build the features required for straight and stable handstand or to develop further an already successful handstand. In addition, it focuses on the folding of the push-up movement training.


The Chin-up + Rowing

The Chin-up + Rowing program is aimed at building a chin-up power and rowing features. In practice, this means mainly training to develop a strong back. At the advanced level, this program develops strength to achieve single-handed pull-ups as well as forward horizontal rowing.



Push-up program is aimed at achieving a proper push-up style and from there to more challenging bodyweight push-up exercises. In push-up exercises emphasises getting maximum power by means of supported shoulder blade.


Front Lever + V-sit

Front Lever  + V-Sit PROGRAM gives you strong abs! It’s easy to understand that strong abs  are the foundation for all training.


Human flag + Rings technique

Human Flag + Ring Technique program starts to build the features required for the human flag and ring technique exercises. Before the actual human flag exercises, the program develops back and sides to be sufficiently strong, and before going on to ring technique exercises there is a section on learning the upper hand grip.


Planche + Rings power

The program focusing on Horizontal Arms and Rings Power teaches you to use shoulder blade support, as the exercises aimed at are the most demanding from the viewpoint of shoulder blade support. As you learn to utilize the shoulder blade support, you take a major step forward in the development exercises. Even achieving the intermediate goals requires proper strengthening of joints, tendons and connective tissues.



The foot/leg exercises program focuses especially on the performance of the feet/legs and explosive action. The feet/leg exercises are made up of squat power, squat skill, and back-of-the-thighs exercises. In addition, the feet/legs program focuses on developing the squatting position and the mobility of the front thighs and hip flexors.


HIIT exercises

120 different HIIT-workouts. To help you follow your cardio  development, you can save personal HIIT history to the system.

Included in all programs