Fine tuning of the exercise program

Starting level test sets a program of individualized level for each user. Sometimes, however, it can happen that even if the power level is sufficient for performing the movement, mobility is insufficient, and the exercise proposed by the starting level test is too challenging.

You are in command as regards your exercise program

The system has built-in functions for such situations. The exercise page has settings that enable you to adjust your exercise program per exercise and to interact with your program at any time.

How to fine tune my exercise level

You can adjust your level both up and down. If an exercise is too challenging, press “This exercise is too difficult”. You will immediately be offered an easier exercise, and if the given new exercise is still too challenging, you can go further down the progression until you are able to perform an exercise in a controlled manner. When the level of difficulty of an exercise is right for you, evaluate the level of challenge of the exercise series in the normal manner. The system will remember all your fine tuning for future needs.

A seemingly impossible exercise becomes easy

By optimizing your exercises to a level on which you can do them correctly, you can quickly achieve the exercises that seemed impossible at first.

Proactive mobility building

The mobility exercises built into the mobilization exercises work proactively. At times a mobilization exercise may seem inappropriate for a power exercise, but it does builds your mobility proactively to meet the challenging power exercises ahead.

Method Makia exercises are based on being goal oriented. Learn more about it here