The only obstacle is the thought that it can not be done”

BJJ wizard Lauri Karppinen decided to rehabilitate himself using Method Makia

Tournament trips, seminars, and great ambitions. BJJ American-style black belt from Eddie Bravo himself. Striding towards the ADCC World Championships held in Finland next fall..

The top Finnish name in Brazilian jujitsu Lauri Karppinen was living a dream to its fullest earlier this year, until in February it came to a grinding halt. The day after a tournament trip to America his side started hurting. Many long flights and weight-pulls within a short period of time were behind him. Could this just be a common cold and fatigue? Should I skip training because of this?

Leaving for hospital was inevitable once the pain got intolerable. The Doctor’s news was ruthless: A pulmonary embolism in both lungs. It would mean weeks of total rest and a half-year prohibition from competing, provided he first beats the condition. Such a thing could kill you.

Karppinen would not be Karppinen if he had not gotten out of the hospital bed in a record time. His resolve was steely and his dream of a Tatami World Championship lived strong.

“Can’t is the cancer of happen,” Karppinen quotes his motto borrowed from actor Charlie Sheen. It had brought Karppinen to this point.

“I didn’t discover wrestling until 2011. I was immediately hooked after the basic course and began to study it myself from the internet. At first I was training once a day, then twice. A year later I did well in the Finnish Championships.”

The next challenge was to combine studying and wrestling. Karppinen graduated from Business School, but dropped out of Law School when he wanted to commit to the sport entirely.

“I was told that no one in Finland would support themselves with jujitsu.”

Karppinen was quick to prove that argument wrong. Now he is wrestling at the top, coaching, holding seminars around the world, and hosting the, so far only 10th planet gym in Finland in his hometown Tampere.

“10th planet is a faction developed by American Eddie Bravo, which in comparison to traditional BJJ, is a bit more creative and mobile. The body is used as a weapon in a comprehensive manner, and feet are used a lot”, Karppinen describes.

Half a year after Karppinen was inspired by the faction and decided to delve into it, Eddie Bravo submitted the first 10th Planet gym approval to Finland. The 10th Planet jujitsu black belt is the only one of its kind in Finland and second in Europe.

So, Karppinen if anyone, has proved that the only obstacle is the thought it can not be done. So, one disease would not prevent him from preparing for the highlight of his career so far, the ADCC World Championships in Finland. If only there was a way to make up for the break in training quickly.

“I had heard of Method Makia just before falling ill, so I decided to try it as soon as I was allowed to start training again”.

It was worth it. My condition began to recover at a record pace. At the moment Karppinen trains Makia four days a week, additionally he stretches or does yoga an hour daily, and wrestles twice a day.

“Makia has taken the workout to a new level,” Karppinen says.

“Midriff strength has increased quickly. Past problems with shoulders have eased along with strengthening them. Leg training is harder than ever during gym training and it’s a great benefit to foot technique,” he continues.

Karppinen is known for his leglocks, so the legs were not his weak point before either. A career in goal-oriented body building lies in the background of the strength.

“I had trained myself into a 107-kilo beefcake when I realized what a waste of time repeating short-term trajectories only to increase muscle mass is. I stopped it at once and began to look for a more creative type of sport. I got interested in wrestling and increasing body mobility very quickly, “Karppinen says.

So, combining mobility and weight training using the body’s own weight has proven to be a more efficient means of increasing strength than gym training.

He praises Makia especially for the easy user interface and personal nature of exercises, as well as the automatic progressiveness.

– Body Weight Training itself was familiar to me through the Gymnastic Bodies. However, Makia has made training more meaningful and effective. I have incorporated Makia exercises also into the training programs of the ones I coach. We have, in fact, a small Makia-boom going on at the gym.”