Method Makia Affiliate Program

Change Your Fitness into a Profitable Business

Do you have a sports or well-being blog or site you would like to monetize? Do you think the content of Method Makia might interest your visitors and would you like to work with If so, we recommend you take advantage of our affiliate program!

The affiliate program offers you the opportunity to earn money or benefits from every new paying member you refer to our site through your link. Your site visitors will also find that our affiliate program is user-friendly. The readers of your blog do not have to make a purchase decision solely based on your recommendations. Once they have clicked through to the site, they will have access to the content on our site to help in their purchase decision.

How does the program work?

  • Each user approved for the affiliate program will receive a personalized affiliate link.
  • Add this link to your site, blog, or newsletter.
  • When a new user clicks on the link, comes to our site and buys any training plan, you will earn money in accordance with the agreed commission!

How can I join the program?

Joining is easy!

  • Sign up to our affiliate program
  • If you are resident in the EU, you must have a business registration number.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your site has been approved for the affiliate program

More details about the affiliate program

  • Comissions up to 50%
  • Payouts by PayPal
  • We use cookies to track link clicks.
  • Please note that If a user deletes our cookies or, if the user’s browser settings are set to refuse cookies, we are unable to track any clicks and this will mean we will be unable to pay commission.
  • Once the user clicks on your link, the cookie will remain on the user’s computer for 60 days. You will receive the commission if a user purchases any plan or program within this period.
  • If a user clicks on an affiliate link and then clicks on someone else’s affiliate link, the last link clicked is the valid link.
  • Affiliate links can also be used in banner ads. You can easily get the banners directly from the settings page.
  • Email marketing is permitted. For any issues related to message content, please contact customer service.
  • Rebates (cashbacks or reward sites) are not allowed.